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    Cambridge Team Reveals Groundbreaking Spine Stimulator for Back Pain

    Though it is still years away from being available to the public, news of a…

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    Is Facet Joint Syndrome Causing Your Pain?

    Back pain is a generic term that we all use to describe discomfort, but there…

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    When to do When Crunches Cause Back Pain

    Remember when you were a kid and they forced you to do sit-ups in school?…

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    Understanding the Advantages of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    If you ask the average American adult about their aches and pains, neck or back…

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    Cervical Myelopathy Patient’s Story Shows Importance Of Correct Diagnosis and Treatment

    Seeking help from the appropriate healthcare specialist can prevent years of unnecessary suffering. The Philadelphia…

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    NHL Player Describes “Surreal” Recovery from Back Surgery

    For many people who suffer from back pain, the idea of surgery – even minimally…

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    Argument Over Neck Surgery Causes “Disconnect” Between NHL Hockey Player and His Team

    Professional hockey player Jack Eichel injured his neck badly during a game last March 7th.…

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    A Pillow Between Your Knees May Ease Lower Back Pain

    One of the most common complaints voiced by people with back pain is the way…

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    A Super Exercise to Relieve Back Pain

    Back pain strikes just about everybody at some point. In some cases the pain is…

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    It’s Been a Long Year. Don’t Let a Return to Exercising Lead to Back Pain

    It’s been a long year of staying inside, away from our family, our friends, our…

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