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    Pandemic Projects Linked to Rising Back and Neck Pain and Injury

    How have you spent the past year of the pandemic? Have you taken on home…

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    Fearful of Back Surgery? Consider Lucy Liu’s Experience

    Patients who come to our New Jersey spine specialty practice are seeking relief from back…

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    Actress’ Neck Injury Leads to Artificial Disc Replacement

    Emmy-winning actress Katherine Heigl is recovering from an artificial disc replacement following a serious injury…

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    Back Pain When Walking or Standing? Here’s Why

    Back pain is an unfortunate part of human life. It impacts most of us at…

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    Is Osteoporosis on the Rise in the U.S.?

    Osteoporosis is a decrease in bone mass or density that can make spinal fractures far…

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    The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

    At our spine specialty practice in New Jersey, many of our patients find significant relief…

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    Innovative Techniques Continue to Expand Spine Surgery Capabilities

    It seems like every day researchers are advancing the field of spine surgery, innovating and…

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    Can You Prevent Degenerative Disc Disease?

    If you’ve found yourself experiencing intermittent pain in your lower back, glutes or upper thighs…

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    Swiss Study Investigates Use of Augmented Reality in Spine Surgery

    Over the last several years, spine surgery has seen dramatic improvements and innovations that have…

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    How Strong Core Muscles Can Minimize Low Back Pain

    If you suffer from lower back pain, you’re a member of a large club that…

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