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  • Lumbar Disc Herniation

    Lower back pain is one of the mostcommon conditions that the doctors at Central NJ Spine treat. When it is accompanied by pain in the legs or buttocks, it could be an indicator of a bigger problem, like a lumbar disc herniation, also known as a herniated disc, slipped disc, or ruptured disc. This condition occurs when the discs between the spinal vertebrae become torn or separated from the disc, which can reduce the ability of the discs to separate vertebrae. When this happens, pressure is put on the spinal nerves rooted to the spinal cord between the vertebrae. Individuals with a lumbar disc herniation may suffer from pain from pinched nerves.

    What Causes Lumbar Disc Herniation?

    More often than not, everyday wear and tear causes herniated discs. However, heavy lifting, sudden injuries, or trauma can also result in a lumbar disc herniation.

    Diagnosing and Treating a Lumbar Disc Herniation

    If you suspect you may have a lumbar disc herniation, it’s important to visit the skilled professionals at Central NJ Spine. During a consultation with one of our doctors, your medical history and any test results will be reviewed in order to pinpoint the cause of any symptoms. Depending on your condition, further tests might be needed. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, your doctor and you will discuss an appropriate treatment plan that will best suit your condition.

    No matter the condition, the doctors at Central NJ Spine always start with conservative treatment options before considering surgical options. Some examples of conservative treatment options include physical therapy, steroid injections, and medication. If these treatments don’t work, surgical procedures, such as lumbar microdiscectomy, might be recommended.

    Are you experiencing symptoms of lumbar disc herniation? Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors today. Call our office at 201-371-6004.

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