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    Any type of spinal surgery comes with its share of complexities. Although there are many benefits to surgical treatments, there also are a number of risks, which is why surgery is only recommended after other methods of treatment have been tried. However, with revision spine surgery, it mightnot be able to be avoided.

    Revision spine surgery is typically done after a prior surgery that didn’t have the desired effect, and it is one of the more difficult and complicated spinal procedures.Because of this, only surgeons who are fellowship trained and specialize in spinal surgery should perform it. Fortunately, the doctors at Central NJ Spine have extensive experience where revision spine surgery is concerned and can treat basic to complex conditions.

    Why Would Someone Need Revision Surgery?

    As with many spinal conditions, there are many reasons why an individual might need revision surgery. Some of the more common reasons include:

    • The spine healed improperly after a previous surgery.
    • Disc degeneration worsened since previous surgery took place.
    • Spinal implants were placed improperly in a previous surgery.
    • Another disc became herniated after a discectomy procedure.
    • The spine remains unstable.
    • Infection in or around the surgical area.
    • The original diagnosis was incorrect.

    Central NJ Spine is committed to using only the best, most up-to-date, minimally invasive procedures. Our doctors have the experience needed to ensure that any revision surgery we perform is likely to fix your problem permanently. Are you interested in learning more about revision spinal surgery? Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors today. Call Central NJ Spine at 201-371-6004.

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