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    Robotic spine surgery offers better precision and improved safety for patients and is one of the greatest developments in the field of medicine.In particular, the Mazor Renaissance Robot has fast become the epitome of precision and safety in the field of neurosurgery and spinal surgery. The team at Central NJ Spine is fond of robotic spinal surgery techniques because theymake a traditional spinal surgery more efficient. In traditional spinal surgeries, surgeons have to rely on X-rays to determine where to place screws. However, X-rays don’t always provide a complete picture, so there is a high risk for misplacement, which comes with its own risks, such as paralysis, reduced mobility, and pain.

    Fortunately, robotic spinal surgery provides a more precise picture, so the risk of misplacement is less. Precise crew placement also lessens the risk for post-operative complications.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of Robotic Spinal Surgery?

    The doctors at Central NJ Spine understand that spinal surgery is complex and challenging. This is why robotic spinal surgery is so beneficial.It’s an effective method lessens the risk of human error. Robotic spinal surgery is also beneficial because it is less invasive, and it helps spinal surgeons reduce the risk for screw misplacement by 10 percent and the risk of nerve damage by 2 percent. In short, it increases the likelihood of proper screw placement up to 98 percent. Because of its effectiveness and precision, robotic spinal surgery also reduces a patient’s exposure to radiation from repeat X-rays, and recovery times are often shorter.

    However, that’s not to say that robotic spinal surgery is without its drawbacks. Afterall, it’s a new type of surgery and is only available in a handful of locations. In addition, not all spinal surgeons are qualified or trained to work with robotic guidance. The goal is that, over time, robotic spinal surgery will become more available.

    If you think you may be a good candidate for spinal surgery, contact Central NJ Spine for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. Call our office at 201-371-6004.

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